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The printed programme is available as a downloadable PDF and as a web view.

Day One March 4th

  • Opening – Seafood Policy and Trade
  • 4th NASF Seafood Industry Captains «The View from the Bridge»
  • NASF Global Salmon Supply, Markets and Pricing Seminar
  • 5th NASF/MSC Seafood Sustainability and Communications Seminar & Workshop

(1) Opening - Seafood Policy and Trade

09:00 – 11:00 Wednesday March 4th

09.00      Opening
Conference Chair: Guus Pastoor, Chairman, European Seafood Federation (AICPEE), Brussels
Main 10th NASF Conference Theme: “Global Seafood trade and market access - Seafood in a new geopolitical role”
09.05 10th NASF Jubilee - Greetings from City of Bergen, the World Marine Capital, Mayor Trude Drevland
09.10 ” Europe as market and partner”, Ingvild Næss Stub, Deputy Minister of EEA and EU Affairs; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
09.30 “Seafood trade and market access – seen from EU”  Stefaan Depypere, Director of International Affairs and Markets, European Commission, Brussels
09.50 New emerging trade agreements/TTIP – a new environment for global seafood trade? John Connelly, CEO, National Fisheries Institute, USA and Torben Foss, Attorney and Director, PwC Seafood Centre, Norway
10.20 “ Outlook for world seafood trade to 2030”  Assistant Director General Arni Mathiesen, FAO, Rome
10.40 Coffee Break - and networking at NASF conference hotel

“120 years of Global Ocean Marine Research – a Foundation for successful Fisheries and Aquaculture developments” Tore Nepstad, CEO, Institute of Marine Research, Norway





“Status and Outlook for cold water prawns” Simon Jarding, Director, Royal Greenland, and Chair International Cold Water Prawn Forum (ICWPF)



(2) Global Seafood Industry Captains - “The View from the Bridge”

11:40 – 13:00 Wednesday March 4th

“Seafood Industry Experiences and Views on Future Developments.”

11.40      Oceana Group, South Africa and Namibia – Francois Kuttel, CEO
12.00 Marine Harvest Group, Norway – Ole Eirik Lerøy, Chairman
12.20 Findus Group and Young’s Seafood, UK – James Hill, CEO
12.40 10th NASF Jubilee Conference Photo “Shoot” - from NASF stage 
12.55 Lunch - and networking at NASF conference hotel    

(3) Global Salmon Supply, Markets and Prices

14:00 – 18:15 Track A, Wednesday March 4th

Theme: “Expansion of global salmon supply,  trade and market access”

14.00      Opening by Chair: Jan Trollvik – Norway Seafood Council, Norway
Co-chair: Henning Lund, Pareto Securities, Norway
14.05 “Salmon Markets and Price Outlook – where do we go from here?” Lars Liabø, Chairman, Kontali, Norway
14.25 “Salmon Supply and Market Outlook - seen from the top”:
Jose Ramon Gutiérrez, Chairman, MultiExport, Chile
Helge Moen, CEO, Kverva, Norway
15.05 "Seafood sector Stock Market Review and Outlook" Henning Lund, Pareto Securities, Norway
15.25 Q&A
15.30 Coffee Break and networking at NASF conference hotel
16.00 “Sustainable salmon profitability; How sustainable business practices can foster Company earnings and growth”,  Bjørn Haugland, Chief Sustainability Offficer;DNV GL, Norway
16.20 “EU seafood consumer trends and outlook. Will seafood demand continue to grow – despite high prices?” Jean Jacques Vandenheede, The Nielsen Company, UK
(Statistical providers and retail consumer insights and forecasting consultants)
17.00 “Salmon markets in Russia after the 2014 embargo – what’s next?” Borge Prytz Larsen, Director, Severnaya Compania, Russia
17.20 “The drivers behind the significant escalating salmon farming costs – what are the possibility of lowering the cost level in ocean salmon farming going forward? At what cost level will traditional salmon farming be challenged, by alternative farming technology ?” An insider’s views and expectations.. - Kjell Bjordal, Consultant, Norway

2015 NASF Market Novelty - Holberg Fondene will launch its new global seafood fund at the 10th NASF seafood conference: 

 Theme: ” A Global Seafood Fund –An Ocean of Opportunities “ - Jann Molnes, Fund Manager, Holberg Fondene, Norway

17.50 Panel Debate and Q&A - Moderated by Chairs
18.15 End of Day One seminars
19.00- 20.00

United Kingdom and SeaFish @ 10th NASF cocktail party receptionat Conference Hotel Foyer Exhibition


NASF Conference Dinner & Networking Reception – at hotel




















(4) 4th NASF/MSC Sustainability & Communications Seminar

14:00 – 18:15 Track B, Wednesday March 4th

14.00      Opening Remarks - Seminar Chair Prof. Dr. Horst Lang, Director Quality and Sustainability, Globus SB Warenhaus, Germany
14.10 Keynote Address:Sustainability Update: Strategic considerations on how to address
Sustainability in competitive markets?” – Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Mau; Director Institute for
Innovative Strategies, University of West-Hungary, Hungary

SESSION ONE – Seafood sustainability

14.30 Seafood Sustainability, Food Security and Nutrition from a global perspective.” Dr. Victoria Chomo, Economist, FAO, Italy
14.50 15 years of MSC, a collective success for the seafood industry-our ambition for the future?Rupert Howes, CEO Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), UK
15.10 “Identification of challenges and improvements for sustainable seafood supply” Oyvind Fylling-Jensen, CEO NOFIMA, Norway
15.30 Coffee Break

SESSION TWO – Fisheries and aquaculture supply: Challenges and opportunities

15.50 The role of credible private standards in incentivizing a global transition to sustainable Production and consumption.Tom Pickerell, Technical Director, SeaFish, UK
16.05 The Aquaculture feed dialogues – the role of credible standards for sustainable feed.” Chris Ninnes, Managing Director ASC, the Netherlands
16.25 “Sustainable fisheries in Iceland: part of a long tradition - market opportunities and a way of living?”, Brynjólfur Eyjólfsson, Marketing Manager, HB Grandi, Iceland

SESSION THREE – Markets and Marketing

16.40 Food integrity – modern solutions to an age old problem.Mike Mitchell, Young’s/Findus Group, UK
16.55 Sustainable procurement in Germany, how does it work in practice?Jürgen Pauly, Globus, Germany
17.10 “Market-based Measures to Promote Sustainable Seafood Trade” Dr. Victoria Chomo, Economist, FAO, Italy

SESSION FOUR - How to communicate the right thing

17.25 Panel debate - Q&A: “Are we communicating the right thing?
Panelists: Mike Mitchell, Jürgen Pauly, Dr. Victoria Chomo and MSC.
Moderator: Jonathan Banks, Retail Director NASF
18.00 Closing Remarks – Seminar Chair Prof. Dr. Horst Lang
18.15 Seminar Close



















19.15   United Kingdom and SeaFish @ 10th NASF cocktail party reception at Conference Hotel Foyer Exhibition

20.00   NASF Conference Dinner & Networking Reception – at hotel


For more information – PLEASE contact:

Camiel Derichs
Regional Director Europe
Marine Stewardship Council

Koninginnegracht 8 | 2514 AA Den Haag | Netherlands
Office: +31 (0)70 360 5979 | Mobile: +31 (0)6 4613 4914 |

Day Two March 5th

  • Pareto Securities NASF Seafood Investor & Finance Seminar
  • NASF Global White Fish Industry Summit
  • NASF Global Pelagic Industry Summit

(5) Global White Fish Summit

09:00 – 13:30 Track A, Thursday March 5th

½ day Industry Workshop 

09.00      Opening by Chair: Torunn Halhjem, International Sales Director, Trident Seafoods, USA
09.05 “Global white fish supply, market and price outlook” - Ragnar Nystoel, CEO, Kontali, Norway

Outlook for white fish supplies

09.20 “North Atlantic white fish supply” - Webjorn Barstad, CEO, Havfisk, Norway
09.35 “Russian Alaska Pollock & Cod Supply and Markets” -  Ivan Osadchiy, Director Russian Fishing Company, Russia
09.50 U.S-Alaska Pollock supply – Allen Kimball, Executive Vice-President, Global Sales, Trident Seafoods, USA.
10.10 “World hake supply and exports” – Felix Ratheb, CEO, Sea Harvest, South Africa
10.30 Coffee Break and networking at NASF conference hotel

Outlook for farmed white fish supplies  

10.55 “Tilapia”   –  Magdalena Lamprecht Wallhoff, Vice President Sales, Regal Springs, USA
11.15 “Seabream and Seabass” -  Dr. Hayri Deniz, Director, Kilic, Turkey

 Outlook for white fish markets 

11.35 “UK retail markets” - Paul Geary, Senior Buying Manager – Fish, ASDA, UK
11.55 "European demand for white fish products”, Jean-Louis Meuric, Consultant, France (formerly procurement officer with Nestle France)
12.10 White fish market consolidation and brand developments – lessons learned from the global salmon Industry?  “Ludo Aldelhof ,  Sales Director retail fresh EU,  MARINE HARVEST Consumer Products, Belgium

“China online sales – The E-Commerce revolution” – Linming Gao; Managing Partner, Everfish, China


12.45 “Proposed new Norway fisheries regime (Tveteraas Commission 2014) -  Impact on Norway white fish” Geir Ove Ystmark, CEO, Norway Seafood Federation, Norway
13.00 Panel Debate and Q&A
Moderated by Drew Cherry, Intrafish Media, USA & seminar chair Torunn Halhjem

Lunch and networking at NASF conference hotel



















16.30- 23.00 2nd NASF White Fish Top Executive Gathering

· Private Industry Top-Executive session and dinner

· By invitation Only – 50-60 top executives invited to participate

· Organized by : Norway Seafoods,  Nergaard Group,  Havfisk and NASF

(6) Pelagic Industry Summit

09:00 – 13:30 Track B, Thursday March 5th

½ day Industry Workshop

09.00      Opening remarks
“Outlook for pelagic fisheries supply and demand for global food supplies.” Chair: Sean O Donoghue; CEO Kellybegs Fishermen's Organization (KFO), Ireland
09.10 “Outlook for global pelagic supplies, markets and pricing”,  Gunn Strandheim , Kontali, Norway
09.30 “Outlook for Northern Atlantic Pelagic Quotas and Supplies.” Otto Gregussen, CEO, Norway Sales Organization for Pelagic Fish, Norway
09.50 “Outlook for Southern African pelagic sector” – Dave Russell, Consultant, Namibia 
10.15  Q&A

Coffee Break and networking at NASF conference hotel   

11.00 "A banker’s perspective of the  Peruvian pelagics industry, impact of El Nino and evolution of the sector” Gorjan  Nikolik, Associate Director, Rabobank, The Netherlands
11.20 “Market outlook for fish meal and fish oil; pricing and market trends.“ Dr. Enrico Bachis, Chief Analyst, IFFO, UK
“Outlook for global fish feed supply.” Ian Carr, Marketing Director, EWOS Group, Norway
12.00 “European markets” – major importer
12.30 Panel discussion - Q&A : Global pelagic supply/demand/pricing                       Moderator: Seminar Chair Sean O Donoghue

Lunch and networking at NASF conference hotel















16:30 – 22:00   3rd Pelagic Industry Top Executive Gathering

· Private Industry Top-Executive session and dinner

· By invitation Only – 30-40 top executives invited to participate

· Organized by: Norway`s Sales Organization for Pelagic Fish and NASF

(7) NASF Pareto Corporate Seafood Finance Seminar


09:00 – 15:00 Track C, Thursday March 5th


09:00 — 09:30 Multiexport CEO Andres Lyon How has the operational recovery in Multiexport been possible?
09:30 — 09:55 The Scottish Salmon Company CEO Craig Anderson The Scottish EBIT/kg challenge
09:55 — 10:25 Lerøy Seafood Group CEO Henning Beltestad Salmon vs chicken category and future potential
10:25 — 10:45 Coffee    
10:45 — 11:15 Salmar CEO Leif Inge Nordhammer Growth potential within exisiting licenses in Norway
11:15 — 11:40 Norway Royal Salmon CEO Charles Høstlund Why triploid salmon works 
11:40 — 12:00 Norway Seafoods CEO Thomas Farstad TBA
12:00 — 13:00 Lunch    
13:00 — 13:30 Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen The value of a strict sanitary regime
13:30 — 14:00 Austevoll Seafood  CEO Arne Møgster  Will there be enough fishmeal and fishoil?
14:00 — 14:15 Coffee    
14:15 — 14:35 AKVA Group  CEO Trond Williksen Drivers and trends in technology development in the salmon industry
14:35 — 15:00 Grieg Seafood Per Grieg Jr How solid is the basis for future growth in salmon farming
15:00 — 15:30 Marine Harvest CEO Alf Helge Aarskog MHG in 2020 - some thoughts



For more information, please contact:

Simen Bjørnstad
Partner | Corporate Finance
Pareto Securities AS
Dronning Mauds gate 3, P.O. Box 1411 Vika, 0115 Oslo, Norway
Tlf:     +47 22 87 87 00
Dir:    +47 22 87 87 49
Fax:   +47 22 87 87 15
Mob:  +47 45 22 46 48

Day Zero March 3rd

  • 1st NASF/The Seafood Innovation Cluster (TSIC) «Young Fish Leadership»  

(8) “Young Seafood Leadership Seminar ”

15:00 – 20:00 Tuesday March 3th

A new NASF seafood leadership and industry recruitment initiative Organized by The Seafood Innovation Cluster and YoungFish

Tentative program – draft

15.00      Register and sushi hosted by Lerøy Seafood
16.00 Welcome by moderators, Kristine Gramstad, Communication Director Marine Harvest, Norway; and Øyvind Haram, Communication Director, Norwegian Seafood Federation ( FHL), Norway

Opening:  “UK Seafood - Consumer awareness and need for competency in seafood sector.” Mike Berthet, Director of Fish & Seafood, M & J Seafood’s, UK

M&J Seafood’s UK has grown organically to become the UK's largest independent seafood supplier by the  1990s,  and is now a member of Europe's largest foodservice business, the Brakes Group.


“Feeding the Future, challenges and opportunities in Fisheries & Aquaculture” –  Stefania Vannuccini; FAO, Rome

The FAO fisheries and aquaculture department is aimed  at securing responsible and sustainable use of fisheries for food security, human well-being and poverty alleviation




 “The importance of women in the seafood industry and gender-balanced human resource” – Marie Christine Monfort, Expert on seafood marketing of Seafood in Europe, France. Marie Christine Monfort participates in the promotion of women in the seafood industry, and creates positive initiatives in terms of gender equality.



“Global employment opportunities in the seafood sector – as seen from a food sector perspective.” Michael Whitney, Managing Partner, Kincannon Reed, UK. Kincannon Reed is the world’s largest recruitment firm within the food sector. Michael Whitney will talk about what they look for when they employ people.




New emerging Seafood Markets”– Gulin Kan, Innovation Norway, Turkey

Innovation Norway works with seafood and has a great knowledge a lot about Turkish Seafood companies and the Norwegian companies engaged there. They also work with Norwegian fishing boat owners, building new fishing vessels  in Turkey Yards.


Break – coffee and fruit

17.30 Announcement of Industrial PhD Scholarship and PhD prize

“Experiences from a Global Maritime Industry». Thomas W. Grieg, Maritime Trainee, North Atlantic Drilling, Norway.

Mr Grieg has a degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His family is majority Owner of the Grieg Seafood Group. Mr Grieg has vast work experience from global supply chains. He is at present a trainee at the Norway Maritime Trainee program. 


Future global leaders, Q & A by Øyvind Haram

  • CEO Henning Beltestad, Lerøy Seafood Group, Bergen
  • Dean Frøystein Gjesdal, Norwegian Business School, Bergen (tbc)
  • Michael Whitney, Managing Partner at Kincannon Reed UK
19.30 Networking and mingling

Dinner at the Conference Hotel - 1st floor

young fish



















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